/5 moves you must not make when trying to hook up with a woman at a club…

5 moves you must not make when trying to hook up with a woman at a club…

Going out to clubs is something I´ve done a lot. And since I cannot seem to have the touch, I study my surroundings. People get into the club, drinks start to pass around and men apply strategies to get girls. Some of those work, but most don´t. However, why do men still use them is a mystery. Next, I state (of course, from my point of view) which are the moves men should stop doing if they want to get a girl at a club.

Touching her hair

I´ve only witness a girl getting charmed just because the guy was touching her hair a handful of times. And when I say touching, I´m not referring to using one finger. I´m talking about that harmonious work of grabbing a big lock of hair as the girl is passing by and sliding your fingers all the way down to the tips. The length of this bold move is directly proportional to the length of the lock of hair the guy grabbed. Every time this happens, it ends in a big NADA. So, do not do it ever again. This technique is done in low class clubs with sweaty people.

Taking her hand when she´s passing by

This strategy is applied several times during the club night, increasing the holding force as the clock ticks. The taking is gentle at the beginning. It is very similar to the hair touching. The guy extends his hand until grabbing hers. And, if he sees there is no response, he subtlylets it go. It happens around 2AM. But, around 5AM, the force of the grabbing of the lady´s hand is similar to when Luke takes his lightsaber. At this time, the girl can feel the power, the obligation and the insistence. The chosen one gets loose when her eight girl friends pull her from him. This technique is mostly seen in middle class clubs. There is an abundance of dyed hair and chemical muscles in this place.

Dancing and brushing past her on purpose

This is funny for the person who gets to watch the situation. The male protagonist takes advantage of the beat of the song they are dancing so as to, subtly, brush his body past against the femme. It starts with the elbow. Then, little by little, forearm and forearm get touched. This all ends when their backs touch. This technique bothers the girl because most of the times it starts in a delicate way and then it gets out of control, the guy almost mimicking a dog in heat humping his owner´s leg. This brushing technique is mainly appreciated in crowded clubs with people wearing few pieces of clothing.

Standing still and staring at her for more than three seconds

Why? Uh? Seriously, tell me. Just because the guy is standing there, with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other, staring at the lady without moving… Do you really think this will work? Guys! This only works when George Clooney or Brad Pitt do it. There are some things that do not attract females. Pretending to be standing there, all sexy, when it is not in our nature, is one of them. This is common practice with no positive results whatsoever. It is mostly seen in bars, bars with a small dancefloor and beer places.

Cheap talking

When I say cheap talking, I´m referring to the 0.75 cents babbling, not the 2$ talking. There are guys that have been working out at the gym too much, focusing on their biceps. These guys forget to nicely `parlar´ to a lady. This is when they resort to pick up lines. `I know you from somewhere…´, `It´s been a while since I´ve seen a pretty girl like you…´. The well-known `You look a lot like an ex-girlfriend of mine…´. And the famous question that comes with a reply `What do you study? Seriously? My second cousin on my grandfather´s uncle side was studying that. I think…´. It was believed the following pick up line was extinct. It´s been proven it has been used in high-class clubs still, `What´s your sign?´.

Anyway, the only thing left to tell these guys is that they should read more. Reading perfects the «parla».

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